Android™, enhanced

Potato Open Sauce Project

(or POSP, for short) is a buttery smooth aftermarket Android™ firmware.

Combining newest security patches, original features and wide device support, POSP is a product created to make your life easier and breathe some fresh air into the custom ROM scene.

We've included many

useful features,

to help with everyday


We've included many useful


to help with everyday tasks

Meet the team

Core Team

Kshitij Gupta


Nico Franke


Raj Jadeja

Lead developer


Lead developer

Shreyansh Lodha

Lead developer



Sahil Sonar



Rishi Bafna

UI / UX Designer

Karol Szcześniak

UI / UX Designer

Parth Shah

Designer and Animator

Curious to see what’s changed?

Coming soon!

In the meantime you can check the changelog on github!

Like what you see?

Great! Head to our downloads page, grab

a zip file for your desired device and you

should be all set. Happy flashing!

Don’t see your device on the list?

Don’t worry, we’re supporting more and more devices as we grow, so there is a chance that in the near future, we’ll support yours too! Some developers also build POSP unofficially, so you can search your device’s xda page for one and try it out. We’re not responsible for any bugs you encounter in those builds, though. I’m a user
So you think you have the guts to cook a potato or two by yourself, eh? Great! POSP is entirely open source, so head out to our GitHub page for instructions and get right to it! Or have you been building POSP unofficially for some time now and want to become a maintainer? Fill out this form and we’ll see what we can do! I’m a developer